Crysis 3


Chinatown – multiplayer level was made by myself and Alex Clarke. We have used assets supported from the Frankfurt and Kiev studios as well as adding new ones to make the environment unique.
I was responsible of modeling all the derelict tiered buildings with interiors and dressing them. as well as the corner firehouse building. All the ship deck assets including containers. Ship was made by Alex Clarke.
Dressing and vegetation placement in the level was split between us. Lighting was done by Alex Clarke

Penn Depot – is a multiplayer level in Crysis 3 which was based on the part in the single player Campaign.
70 % of the hangar and the whole roof was remodeled by myself and textured using existing single player assets which were mostly supported by Frankfurt and Kiev studio. Few new metal and decal textures were added by me to give more verity in the level. Flooded cellars were added.
Modified Train asset and kickable generator was by Alex Clarke. A part from the base geometry work I did on this level I also made the Walkways, Crane, flooded cellar assets and few modifications to the back of the offices adding a new path to the existing Kiev asset.
Optimization, Level Dressing ,Vegetation dressing and cover placement was done by me and Alex Clarke.